Quality Assurance

We build and ensure processes that guarantee quality throughout the process

QUAL-FAB is an certified ISO 9001 firm since 2002. We implement a stringent quality management system at all levels of the organization, throughout each key process. Employees are trained to follow documented procedures in order to meet or exceed customer expectations.

We have a proven track record of providing superior quality products to our customers, on-time as promised. Our goal is to provide defect-free products as a dock-to-stock supplier. We believe in continual improvement of our systems, processes, and products and have demonstrated our ability to remain leaders in our industry through innovation.

Inspection and Metrology Equipment

QUAL-FAB is committed to investing in the latest technology in measuring and inspection equipment. We utilize an Amada Fabrivision 3D laser machine to precisely measure flat patterns as compared to .dxf files created using customer supplied CAD models. This ensures 100% accuracy of our punched or laser cut products before subsequent processing. In addition to the laser measuring instrument, QUAL-FAB maintains a calibration program consisting of height gauges, linear measuring table, calipers, protractors, pin gauges, and other equipment used by the Quality Assurance department.

Key Performance Metrics

QUAL-FAB has established numerous KPI’s or key performance metrics to track our on-time delivery, cost of quality, and DPPM. We also track customer supplied feedback and scorecards. These metrics are reviewed regularly and reported to all employees within the organization.

In addition to the standard KPI and metrics, we have added real-time production metrics. This allows us to monitor production for any abnormalities and respond to potential quality issues before they occur.

Inspection process

In addition to a final inspection, we also have an automated, in-process inspection. This allows us to be more proactive, more accurate, and have a quality presence on the floor, monitoring production cycles.

ISO 9001 Certification

QUAL-FAB maintains accreditation and our certificate number is: 112292.00

Click here to view our ISO 9001 certificate.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

QUAL-FAB offers punching, laser cutting, precision brake forming, and welding sheet metal fabrication services. With the latest technology, we have massive capacity, guaranteed quality, and great prices.

Precision Brake Forming

Precision brake forming is used to form and bend sheet metal into U-shaped, V-shaped, and channel-shaped parts. This process demands expertise and knowledge of the metal to fabricate a part that performs as required in the finished product.

Mechanical Assembly

QUAL-FAB has a designated facility for staging, assembly, final inspection, and finished goods distribution.


In addition to forming tooling such as louvers, embosses, lance forms, knock-outs, and countersinks, we also offer a large assortment of standard and special shape tooling.


We offer MIG Welding and TIG Welding for simple to complex weldments. We use a calibrated tensile tester for process control. QUAL-FAB also offers spot welding for both steel and aluminum parts.

Managed Inventory Programs

QUAL-FAB ensures consistent on-time product delivery with our specialized (ERP) software system. We recognize the importance of managing customer inventory levels and utilize customized inventory solutions to reduce carrying costs and space requirements.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting one of the most flexible and consistent methods to cut sheet metal. QUAL-FAB invests in a top-of-the-line 2,000 Watt CNC Laser to ensure clean lines and a smooth finish.

Hardware Insertion & Fastening

We use Haeger Insertion machines to install fasteners such as PEM hardware, POP rivets, Riv-nuts, Spin-tite nuts, and Weld nuts.

Engineering & Design Assistance

We offer a complete prototype-through-production analysis of your product and assist with sheet-metal design options — or redesigns — to enhance product features, while reducing manufacturing costs.